Estate Syrah


2016 Estate Syrah
Wilderotter Syrah is grown on a quadrilateral trellis, allowing maximum sunlight and air penetration.  The combination of small berry size and low yield of crop tonnage makes this a naturally rich and decadent Syrah.  With intense coloring and extraction you might think "aggressive", but not this time.  The tannins and structure will surprise you at how supple and soft they feel.  A quick swirl will give away its rich viscosity, putting your nose in the glass immediately infuses the sinuses with serious notes of dried berries, dried cherries, smoky chocolate, and cloves.  Nuances of fresh baked cake filled with those dried cherries.  Don't be gets ven better!  On the palate, these aromas come to life.  The balance and integration of all these flavors and textures are so present and balanced that even an experienced palate would believe this to not be a recent vintage.  Which now begs the question, "if it's this good now, in a few short years it's going to be _______".  (We'll let you fill in the blank).  Indulge!  Bottled August 1, 2017. 150 cases produced Check out our video!
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