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2016 Estate Viognier

Another serious edition of our estate Viognier (Vee-Oh-nyaa).  Heady and complex aromas come from this full-bodied, unusual and dry white wine.  Little known or grown just a few decades ago, this varietal from the Northern Rhone region of France has exploded onto the scene.  Breathe deep the toasty caramel from rich French oak barreling, yet still retaining the core of fruit.  On the palate, that fruit becomes toasty caramelized pears and ripe apples with nuances of lemongrass and honeysuckle.  Makes for a fabulous cocktail and will very easily stand up to rich, meaty, smoky entrees, especially Thanksgiving turkey or Holiday prime rib.  Guess you could call that serious!  Enjoy!  Harvested September 8, 2016.
220 cases produced

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