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Napa Cabernet Sauvignon



2013 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

In a perfect world, from a wine lover’s perspective, of course, one would never have to compromise regarding quality and flavors that some wines give us, the places they take us, and the sense that we are living a more fulfilled life because it’s just that good.  In the case of a quality Cabernet, the initial expectation for sight, smell, and taste is “fruit, earth, structure, tannin, balance, finish” and with every one of these, and endless variables within, together completes a wines’ description.  So now all we have to do is put that into words.  Not always easy, because although a wine may be freakin’ delicious, putting words to describe it “honestly”, and not just “generic rhetoric” can be daunting, yeah, even for me.  (Assistant Winemaker, Sam Domingo).
As to this Cabernet, 2013 was a fabulous vintage for most all in California.  In Rutherford it was almost perfect and it all comes through in this wine.  The aromatics are alive with bright red fruit, a wisp of juniper berries, and a serious attachment to the earth.  Deep, deep inhales of breath, you will not tire of these aromas: berries, toast, spice, vanilla, and exceptionally clean earth. The taste is even better, because you get to experience those aromas internally.  And it is all there in “balance”.  The right amount of fruit, connected to the right amount of earth, connected to right amounts of spice, acidity, and a mouthfeel that makes it all soft and pleasingly dusty in its clean breath of finish.  The softness of this Cabernet will allow it to pair with any of your family’s beautiful meals, but hopefully, there is plenty left after dinner to enjoy on its own.  Hoard a couple of these for 4 to 6 to 8 years and you will be richly rewarded to enjoy in your own future perfect world.  Bottled August 18, 2015.
225 cases produced

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