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Estate Tempranillo


Irony plays a part in this fabulous edition of our estate Tempranillo, as it is such a “true to its varietal” edition.  A bit more weight than the 2012, but also a bit more intensity of flavor to the grape that we love so much.  Imagine a soft Cabernet that is very low on the tannin scale, yet full of soft clean earth, tobacco and hints of cedar with a light expression of French Oak allowing it to show off its savory flavors.  It is because of this savory profile that it is considered more of a food wine, and this beauty will shine long after dinner is over.  This wine has almost 4 years under its belt and it will show in the way it has balanced itself during the course.  Fresh brewed coffee aromatics give way to nuances of lavender, spearmint, cardamom and white pepper.  The palate discloses malted cocoa, dried fruit and nuts.  It is delicious with nearly anything grilled.  The irony?  Only 76 cases produced.  Bottled April 20, 2015.

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