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Estate Tempranillo


Spains most popular grape, its name derived from the Spanish word “early” as it was always the first red grape to change color in the vineyard, and the main player in Spains prestigious Rioja regions wines. Our Tempranillo gets a nice balance of French oak and neutral oak which allows the wine to express its true berry flavors and spices. Important because Tempranillo is a more savory profile than a fruited one, making it a perfect “food wine.” The oak aging also provides an enviroment that calms the wine, and imparts a smooth smoky finished result. Fresh brewed coffee aromatics give way to nuances of lavender, spearmint, cardamom, and white pepper. On the palate those flavors come to life along with malted cocoa, and dried fruits and nuts. Delicious with pretty much anything you can put a grill mark on…Aprove’che!

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