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Grenache Blanc


We are very excited to bring this addition to the white wine side of our portfolio. It is the white berried form of the Grenache Noir, still used quite widely in France and Spain where it produces heavier, yet soft and flavorful white wines. A honey tinge in color, left from what starts as almost orange in the coloring of the original juice, the aromas of melons, honeydew, and Crenshaw come to mind, evolving to zested citrus and clean hints of mineral cleanliness. The weight and richness of the wine is deceiving. Because the wine is not oak-aged one would assume it would be of a lighter and brighter character, yet upon first sip you notice a heavier and broader mouthfeel than would normally be. Bringing a richness not often found, some of these characteristics are from the concrete egg fermentation, which allows the wine to ferment on the lees (yeasts and larger grape particles), yet stay in an extremely slow but constant movement, due to the shape of the egg. The melon evolves into nuances of passion fruit and loquats, then finishing out with a slight nutty ending, (hazelnut? marcona? It’s a different nut for everybody). This Grenache Blanc will serve any meal of seafood very well. Enjoy this beauty now or for several years. Grenache Blanc will age gracefully under ideal conditions for 3 to 5 years. Also made in a very small quantity. Bottled May 8, 2015.

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