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GSM (Grenache / Syrah / Mourvèdre blend)


Here is our fourth edition of a special and always anticipated wine that a generous number of our membership family has given a great deal of positive feedback. This edition should create quite a stir as we think it is the richest one to date. In the Chateauneuf region of the Rhone an annual classic blend is created made with a “trinity” of varietals, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. They are also allowed to use a selected number of other varietals but in small single digit percentages. Our 2014 rendition uses on the the three primary varietals.  With 44% Grenache, lending its soft yet spicy nuances, 33% Syrah, bringing the richness and its balance of the bolder side, and 23% Mourvedre for a bit of smoke and creamy fruit that takes the wine into a long and fruited finish. Aromas of macerated raspberries and spice are framed with black and red licorice, subtle hints of juniper, rhubarb, and new leather. These hints come to life on the palate along with supple yet firm tannins for that long dry finale. A great candidate for the Thanksgiving feast…turkey never had it so good.  Bottled April 26, 2016.  Only 200 cases produced.

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