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Russian River Chardonnay


Not a week goes by that we are not asked why we bother going the distance to get Chardonnay grapes from the Russian River Valley, when Wilderotter already produces so many great varietals of wine.  While we know that the market is flooded with a thousand Chardonnays that for the most part all taste very similar unless you get in to the upper tiers – our explanation is that Chardonnay is a cooler climate loving grape whose thinner skins are adversely affected by the summer heat.  But most importantly, our ownership and family matriarch is an avid Chardonnay lover who makes her request heard.  From selection of vineyard, selection of clusters and berries, calm macerations, soft pressing, quality barrel selection for fermentation, cool ferment atmosphere, high quality malo yeasts for the long creamy finishes, and yes, it goes on. Only after all the introductions, and our guests get to taste it, does it all magically come together and we know it was worth the effort.  Golden honey color, aromas of lemon, caramelized pineapple, subtle flavors of tasted coconut and ginger spice.  We believe Burgundy would be proud…though you would have to hide the label until they were done tasting…enjoy!  Bottled on June 7, 2017.  275 cases produced.

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.75L, 1.5L (Magnum Bottle)

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